September 1st, 2019  (EUR/USD 1.1010)

Net portfolio worth: EUR 110.309,- (USD 121,450.-)

Note: in the Netherlands where I live, we have to pay a yearly wealth tax of 1,2% over my total net worth. Apart from that I don’t have to pay any dividend taxes.


4 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Thanks for sharing your portfolio. I see we share about 10 names in common between our portfolios. From the looks of it you are invested in some pretty solid names and not really chasing high yield that is not sustainable. Go for the long term dividend growers for stability. There are a couple names that I’m not familiar with but basically the rest are more common.


  2. How does thaT feel to pay 1,2 pct on your net worth each year? How is that calculated?

    In belgium our net wort in stocks is not taxed, our house is. But we pay a hefty 27 pct tax on dividends, plus any foreign dividend tax if applicable.


    • A 1,2% wealth tax sucks! Our government thinks everyone can make 4% a year (fictitious), 30% will be taxed. 30% of 4% is 1,2% over your total wealth. It even gets worse, new rules for 2017 the tax is up to 1,65% (for capital >1.000.000 euro). Your house is not taxed that way in the Netherlands. There is a relatively low tax on your house. Unfortunately I can not do very much about it the tax rules. I keep on saving and investing..

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      • The government seems to have some wrong ideas on how much you can get as a return on your investment…. Getting 4pct is already a decent return.
        That is indeed the best we can do: save and invest. the tax will always be there.
        Make the best of it


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